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nds32le-elf-gdb restore memory very slow
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Author:  jimmy [ Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:24 pm ]
Post subject:  nds32le-elf-gdb restore memory very slow

Basically load command runs on bus mode and restore command runs on CPU mode.
Because restore command is too slow, new version restore will switch to bus mode automatically if checking some condition meet.
customer EVB may not meet such condition,and so restore command always run cpu mode and speed is very slow.
The following command can force restore command switch to load mode.

$ time nds32le-elf-gdb -ex "target remote:1111" -ex "monitor nds mem_access bus" -ex "restore 32K.bin binary 0x40000 0x0" --batch
[info] Loading .Andesgdbinit.
[info] .Andesgdbinit loaded.
0x0005438c in ?? ()
nds32.cpu0: No data cache
nds32.cpu0: Instruction cache disabled
Restoring binary file 32K.bin into memory (0x40000 to 0x48000)

real 0m0.774s
user 0m0.044s
sys 0m0.016s

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