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Compile time too long
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Author:  Hubert Chung [ Tue Feb 06, 2018 3:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Compile time too long

For the build time issues, please check the following items
1. In the task manager, make sure the PC is not busy all the time.
2. In the task manager->performance->Resource monitor, make sure the CPU, Disk I/O is not busy.
3. In the task manager, when cleaning/compiling, make sure there are no other TSRs (terminate and stay resident) boost and occupy the CPU. You can sort the CPU column to make it more clearly to identify.
4. Compile other project that is Andes unrelated to identify it is an Andes issue.
5. In our experience, compiling one file takes about 0.4-1 second for your reference.
6. In AndeSight project->right click the project->select "Build Settings"->select "Andes C Compiler"->At right window, "Command line pattern", add "time " before $(COMMAND), "time ${COMMAND} ${FLAGS} ..." for example. Then compiling, you will see the build time information like following.

real 0m0.484s
user 0m0.263s
sys 0m0.031s

The real time is a little larger than user time plus sys time. If the difference is too big. It implies your PC a somewhat busy.

Author:  Hubert Chung [ Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Compile time too long

The attachment is a script that helps you to identify if your native PC exists the problem of long time to handle a file. Some of the PC, usually laptop, have the scenario that opening a file would take >2 seconds lag. If your laptop have the problem, it is suggested to reinstall the windows instead of using the OS that came along with the laptop.

Usage: You can define your own "MyCommand" variable for the test script. "rem" is used to mark the line.
rem set MyCommand=ptime 7z e -y %Myfile%
rem set MyCommand=dir c:\
set MyCommand=dir /o/b

My test for command "ptime 7z e -y %Myfile%" is less than 0.01 second.

time_measure.7z [3.12 MiB]
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